Remembering Yugoslavia

Long Live Lepa Brena!

July 25, 2022 Peter Korchnak with Olga Dimitrijević Episode 58
Remembering Yugoslavia
Long Live Lepa Brena!
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Show Notes

Lepa Brena was the most famous Yugoslav singer of the 1980s. Her popularity during the decade eclipsed that of the late Tito. She remains the greatest and best-selling Yugoslav pop star. But Lepa Brena was more than a pop icon: she continues to personify Yugoslavia for many to this day. What's her story? And what does she mean for Yugoslavia's memory?

With Olga Dimitrijević. Featuring a cover of "Jugoslovenka" by Inje.

The Remembering Yugoslavia podcast explores the memory of a country that no longer exists. Created, produced, and hosted by Peter Korchnak. New episodes two to three times per month.

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