Remembering Yugoslavia

Burek in Space

December 12, 2022 Peter Korchnak with Guests Episode 64
Remembering Yugoslavia
Burek in Space
Remembering Yugoslavia Plus
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Show Notes

Burek is a pastry dish comprising thin layers of dough and a variety of fillings—a quintessential Balkan breakfast staple, late night snack, or anytime-anywhere fast-food delight, really. Burek is also a metaphor that varies across the former Yugoslav lands. Burek is food is life is culture is politics is burek. 

With Irina Janakievska, Ksenija Hotić, and Spasia Dinkovski. Featuring music by Ali En, Best Burek, Burek, Burek Brothers Trio, Dosh Lee, Las Balkanieras, Vlada i Teoretičari Zavere, and Voodoo Popeye.

The Remembering Yugoslavia podcast explores the memory of a country that no longer exists. Created, produced, and hosted by Peter Korchnak. New episodes one to two times per month.

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